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Sunday, May 25, 2008


Before heading off to Reno to pick up my work that was at Grayspace, I was in the studio getting a few things and decided to add more florescent paint to the area below the space invader character.

We got back today, Saturday, and while dropping off the work from Reno, I was able to sit with the painting for a while and seal the florescent paint. I think I like the way it looks now and will put it aside. Sometimes after a bit of time has elapsed you can get a fresh look at a work and your take on it can change.

Friday, May 23, 2008

The End is Near

If you're wondering what the hell is different from the last photo, I've been working on the upper left area to counter the dominant spew guy in the bottom right corner.

The white areas with the veins were pretty intense so I pushed it back a bit with a layer of gold paint. Some olive green was added to slightly darken other areas. The shape in the upper left is like a space invader. It was an intuitive response, so I'm still figuring it out. I think it's the computer connection. Video and Internet. Since the painting is about MySpace and the acquiring of unknown friends, the idea of space invaders as they descend on you seemed like an interesting parallel. The character is done in florescent spray paint. Next to it is a printout of an old Chinese anatomical drawing. I think the last thing I'll do before I can say this painting is finished is add some white around the space invader character to balance that area out, but we'll see, I still need to sit with it. Stay tuned.

Below is a detail of the Chinese drawing and the florescent paint. Note the bricks!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Latest on Bandwagon

I'm still not finished with this painting, but I've decided to leave it alone for a while before I screw it up.

Here's a detail of the purging guy.

Well Endowed Sign

This is a sign on my way to the studio. It's always in the shadows so I never noticed it till this past weekend.

SFMOMA Artist Gallery Art Sale

This was our first time to go to the Art Sale at Fort Mason and it was alot of fun going thru all the artwork. We went on Saturday so it probably wasn't the frenzy like the night before. I can't say I liked all of what I saw, but there were definitely some gems to be taken. Why is it that when you go to art sales you feel compelled to leave with something? Heather and I saw a couple paintings that we liked, then, swoop!... there they go, taken by someone, while we watch as they're taken off the wall, ha! You snooze, you lose. For every loss there's a gain and we gained by not spending any money. That's my opinion. Heather might think otherwise.

Maybe next year. Hmmmmm?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Bandwagon gets closer to being DONE!

Hmmm, maybe I decided to paint crap coming out of this guys mouth cause I've been recouping from a bad cold and I'm still coughing junk up. Just a thought. I'm liking the progress so far and can't wait to put an end to this..

Unfortunately, the photo can't reproduce the subtle cast of gold, from the hundreds of bricks, on the central area with the cart. Stay tuned for the final photo that puts this one to bed!!

I can use some sleep myself!

Robert has gone to the Big Abstract Expressionist Painting in the Sky

Robert Rauschenberg, a big influence for me when I was going through college studying art, passed away at his home in Florida yesterday.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Brick House

Here in it's present carnation. Who knows what it'll look like by the weekend.

All the brick drawing (inside the blue shape) was completed Sunday morning. I used a gold enamel pen for the bricks so it was like brick layers purgatory for a while. Kind of like wax on...wax off! I'm hoping to finish this up my the weekend then start on  the ARK!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

More Bricks Please!

Getting up at 5:30 a.m so I can get into the studio before work to draw more bricks. This is very tedious, but I think the outcome will be worth it. So far I'm about half way through. The center section is already looking darker. The face on the bottom right has been reworked a bit adding more detail, So far I like the way this painting is pregressing.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Coco on my website

Heather and I have been taking pictures of Coco with artists and art folks and I've decided to add a page onto my website. When you get to my paintings page, look at the bottom and click on Coco's picture.  You'll go to a page with some fun pics of her and whoever. Go check it out.

The ARK!

Well, here it is. The Ark is built. 10 feet by 8 feet worth. I know I'll have to take it apart to get it into the gallery, but I'm thinking this will be the center piece. Unless it looks like crap that is. I'll start on it this week and like always will be posting photos to show the progress.

Bandwagon is still in the works and I think it's coming along well.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Changes to the Bandwagon

Went in yesterday to add more to this painting. I sanded down the blue shape then added a face in the lower right corner. Not sure where this is all going, but the painting before was about having friends on Myspace and not really knowing who they were. Hmmm...makes you want to question the meaning of "friend." The face is from a book on Chinese comix. I guess the face addresses the worlwideness of the internet to put you in touch with people from around the globe. Sometimes whether you like it or not. Here are some detail shots to give you an idea what the surface looks like.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Just don't know when to quit!

Sometimes I just can't keep my hands off my own paintings, but sometimes my paintings beg me to be reworked. Such is the case with this one called, "Save Myspace on the Bandwagon." After living with this painting for a  few months, I decided the characters were demanding too much attention.

Stay tuned for the progress of this piece as I'll be posting new pics from time to time.