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Friday, November 7, 2008

SFMOMA Artist Gallery Opening

On Wednesday we went to Fort Mason to check out the 30 Year Anniversary exhibit and the exhibit upstairs that I was in. Ran into Heather Wilcoxon who introduced Heather and I to Inez Storer and her husband. Looks like I'll be doing an artist video of all of them. Nice to have cooperating volunteers, ha! I'm really looking forward to visiting Inez's studio and talking to her husband who is a descendant of the Romanoff's.

Photos coming!


Well tomorrow is the reception for my show in Sacramento with Linda Raynsford at Pamela Skinner/Gwenna Howard Art. The installation went well, but the big one is so heavy that it wanted to rip a hole in the wall. Extra screws and anchors please!

Fellow friend and  artist, Jack Alvarez help me hang the work. Without his help I think it would have taken me another day.

On Thursday I was able to meet Tim Foster who did a little write up about the show in the publication Midtown.

Here's some pictures from the day after the installation.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Immaculate Rendition Video - REVISED!

Like the painting, I couldn't leave the video alone. I added a few more photos of the painting in transition, a new shot taken at night in the studio after the section when I talk about the bricks and a final shot zooming out at the end so you see the final painting. Oh...and my website, ha!

Now get out there and VOTE!!!!

Studio visitors

Erica Agyeman and Demetrie Broxton from Museum of the African Diaspora in San Francisco came by the studio Friday afternoon. Erica called last Sunday and invited me to participate in an upcoming exhibit entitled, "Decoding Identity: I Do It For My People." Looking forward to it. Hope you can come by too. The exhibit opens January 23, 2009. Wow, seems like Y2K was just yesterday!