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Friday, September 19, 2008

Jazmine in Make Magazine

This Summer, Jazmine did an internship at Make Magazine and was photographed for a story on electronic drums. Here she is in the Volume 15 issue of Make.

PYC Field Trip

On Monday Belle Orpilla brought over a group of Vallejo Filipino youth to the studio. This was the second time the visit was planned. The first time one of the kids got in an accident a few blocks a way and the car that hit her flipped on it's roof. Fortunately no one was hurt. Great visit.

Earlier in the week, Sunday, Colleen, her husband Kent and their two kids came over to see the painting that will be on one of their Eric Kent Wine Cellars wine bottles. They liked the painting so come December, Bondage will have a new home and Heather and I will have a lot of drinking to do.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Family Visit

After Coco's birthday party, Heather's family came over to the studio to see my paintings. Jay and Laurie have started collecting art and have a couple of paintings by Juan Carlos Quintana and others.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

21 Grand Reception

The reception at 21 Grand was really nice. It was the same day as Art Murmur (September 5th) so there was a pretty good turn out.

These are the two paintings I showed, One Step Ahead of Grief and Save MySpace on the Bandwagon.

Carlo Ricafort's work, barely visible was in the corner between my 2 paintings and Mel's work. Really like Carlos' paintings.

England Hidalgo's artwork.

Juan Carlos (center) came out with a friend to say hi and bring me a catalog for Miju's exhibit at Jack Fischer Gallery. Miju is the collaborative team of Juan and his wife Michele. great catalog! Behind him is Mel Vera Cruz's Filipino Guard.

My daughter Jazmine was a good sport hanging out.

More pictures here:
Link 1
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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Day Twenty-Eight!

I think this painting is getting really heavy and I don't mean in content. I was moving it the other day and almost lost it. Could have crushed me. My body would've been discovered days later under canvas and stretcher bars. Whew!

Busy week with the 21 Grand reception then Coco's first birthday celebration on the weekend. Photos of both events to come!

Recently I was contacted by Colleen Teitgen, curator at Eric Kent Wine Cellar about using one of my paintings on their 2007 vintage wine bottles. Colleen has picked Bondage so when it comes a bottle.