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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Painting Fast Has Been Broken!

After almost three months of not making art, I finally got into the studio (the garage) and have the beginnings of 2 new paintings. Not sure where it's all going, but I'm stoked to be painting again. Will post photos as they transform into less meaningful pieces.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sorry Friend, This Is No Hemorrhoids by rtst4mrlyknwnasfrnd

Was in SF this past weekend so I went to the opening of Juan Carlos Quintana, Arvin Flores, Carlo Ricafort and Manuel Ocampo at A440 gallery, Jack Fischer's old space. The works are the collaborative efforts of these four artists. Very cool paintings. Here are a couple videos of the show.

Tabi Tabi Po

I was invited by to be in a group show called Tabi Tabi Po at 1AM Gallery in San Francisco next month. James Garcia is curating the exhibit and it looks to be a lot of fun. The theme of the show is mythical creatures from Filipino folklore. After reading up a bit, I decided to do a piece on a creature called Dila, or the Tongue. This creature enters the house (nipa hut) through the bamboo slats where it finds a victim and licks it to death. How could I pass that one up. So this is the drawing I did for the show.

I started it on a Thursday and finished it up on a Friday night. Delivery was this past Saturday. Note to self: Don't procrastinate!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

White Box Panel Discussion

Chick here to view video stream
Wednesday, October 7, 6-8 pm
White Box, 329 Broome St. (BTW Bowery & Christie), NYC

Gallery talk with Bob Lee, Director of the Asian American Arts Centre, NYC
Exhibition curator: Angel Velasco -Shaw
Artists: Tomie Arai, John Yoyogi Fortes and Swati Khurana,
Writers: Jan Christian Bernabe, Karlyn Koh, Sarita Echavez See, Karen Su and Midori Yoshimoto

AAAC Exhibition

It was nice to finally see the work installed at the Asian American Arts Centre in New York. The highlight for me was finally meeting Angel Velasco-Shaw and all the writers and artists they were paired with. The panel discussion took place at the White Box .

Here are some photos that Heather took that night at AAAC.

Obedience, 2002

Work by Tomie Arai

Chatting with Karen Su, one of the writers.

A piece by Albert Chong

Back from New York

After a fun week in New York, we're back in Sacramento and the real world of family home life. I'll upload some photos of the trip, but here is one you done see too often. We were in Chelsea and passed by the Gagosian Gallery on West 21st and saw a huge Richard Serra piece being installed. Always wondered how they got those big pieces in the gallery.