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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Straus Family Creamery

This is the video that I've been working on for Raley's about Straus Creamery. Heather and I went to Tomales Bay one weekend to shoot some footage and while we were there a cow broke through the fence. It was pretty funny. We had a great time and the food at Nick's Cove was awesome. You've gotta go there.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Today is my Birthday!

So this is what I did today:
1. Edited a video for work
2. Eat some pre-lunch ice cream
3. Went to the studio to meet Collect Art. They're returning my work from MoAD.
4. Paint for an hour.
5. Go home and edit more video.
6. Eat last nights left-over chicken and boil yams for Coco.
7. Wash the huge amount of pots and dishes (It took almost an hour)!
8. Edit video again. Email work.
9. Go get an inflatable queen mattress from Target.
10. Walk to a Dry Cleaners to beg for a coat hanger
11. Use coat hanger to break into Heather's car because I locked the keys in it at Target.
12. Drive to Raley's for mineral water, milk bananas and pizza.
13. Realized on the way home I forgot the pizza.
14. More editing and emailing.
15. Play with Coco.
16. Put Coco to bed.
17. Eat pizza that Heather ordered from Mountain Mike's.
18. Watch American Idol.
19. Fool around.
20. Go to bed.

It was a good day! I think I'll do the dame next year.

Check out SFMOMA's Artist Gallery Blog

Sweet 16 hits SFMOMA's Artist Gallery Blog. What next? T-shirts, mugs, sexy underwear? Stay tuned!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Two more paintings from the Sad Penis Series


Finished up this paper piece and had to glitterize the other one. You could almost wear the damn thing if you had a big 'ol silver chain to hang it from.

Photo by: STEVE FARLEY/San Francisco Bay Flyway Festival

On the way into the studio, I stopped by the side of the road to see if these ospreys were nesting on top of this huge crane on Mare Island. They had build one last year and I was wondering if they were planning to do the same this year. I think they are. When I stopped, the osprey stood up, took flight and soared over towards me like he was checking me out. It was very cool and it came right over the top of my car about 30 feet in the air. I'll be posting photos to show the nests progress and hope to shoot some video too. Stay posted.

Monday, March 9, 2009

EL PACO. "I has little feet!"

As you can see the painting on paper has changed. Not sure if I'll do anything else as I can't keep my damn hands off pieces. I'm stuck on 2 paintings right now so I'm just having fun cranking out nonsense. They're fast and fill the void created by frustration and runnin' on idea empty!

Bean there!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

New Stuff in Progress

The studio is a mess! Looks like a tornado came through. Here's some stuff in the works. Who knows what they'll look like tomorrow.