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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Painting in Progress

This is a painting that I never finished for the show at Fort Mason, but it worked out since I had enough work for the space. I've worked on this painting a couple times since the show, but getting into the studio yesterday got me amped to get going again.

Here are some surface details.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Heather, Coco and I headed to the coastal mountain range today (3 hours away) to visit our friend Eliza Barrios who is spending three weeks as a resident artist at the Djerassi Artists Residency Program near Woodside. Just a stones throw to Neil Young's Ranch. Eliza gave us a tour of the artists barn which at one time really was for cattle, but now is studio space for the selected artists in the program. Ironic that artists can feel like cattle sometimes. It's a beautiful property and a great place for an artist to concentrate on their work without interruption. I put my application in for 2010 so we'll see what happens. Eliza says that around 800 artists apply and only 70 are selected. Stay tuned good or bad.

Here are a few photos from the trip. Will post a video once I finish editing it. While we were there we were quite fortunate to meet the program founder, Dr. Carl Djerassi, who just happened to be showing a scientist from Stanford around the property. Djerassi is best known for the invention of the first oral contraceptive... The Pill. Fortunately Heather and I wanted a child so Coco had her photo taken with Dr. Djerassi. :-) He asked what Coco's discipline was in the arts. I said, "performance art!"

Dr. Carl Djerassi